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Funding Activities

Computer Science and Engineering - Funding Activities

Principal Investigator / Co –Investigator Title Funding Agency / Scheme Duration Sanctioned Amount
Dr. A. Grace Selvarani Content Based Medical Image Retrieval AICTE/Research Promotion Scheme 2010-2012 Rs. 450000
Dr.N.Rajkumar , Dr.J.Selvakumar Economical Software Development for Small Scale Industry and Educational nstitution using Agile Methodology AICTE / RPS 2012 - 2014 Rs. 1500000
Dr.N.Rajkumar Modernization of Computer Networking Laboratory AICTE / MODROBS 2010 - 2011 Rs. 1000000
Dr. M.S. Geetha Devasena Hybrid Optimization Techniques for Software Test Case Generation All India Council for Technical Education / Research Promotion Scheme 2 Years Rs. 4,07,000
Prof. K. Manoharan Professor Hostel Administration System SNR Sons Trust / Project Consultancy Rs. 1,00,000
Dr. A. Grace Selvarani National Conference on Frontiers of Computer Science and Computation Technologies AICTE/Seminar Grant 2012 - 2013 Rs. 50000
Dr. A. Grace Selvarani Second National Conference on Frontiers of Computer Science and Computation Technologies AICTE/Seminar Grant 2013 - 2014 Rs. 100000
Dr.N.Rajkumar, Mr.R.Kanagaraj National Conference on Recent Trends in Soft Computing (NCRTSC’15) ISRO / Conference Grant 2014 - 2015 Rs. 50000
Dr.N.Rajkumar Textile Management System S & K Apparels, Tirupur / / Project Consultancy 2012-2014 Rs. 6000
Dr.N.Rajkumar Payroll AutomatiPayroll Automation Systemon System Bhishma Agro Food Products Pvt. Ltd, Annur, Coimbatore. / Project Consultancy 2012 - 2014 Rs. 17000
Dr.R. Kingsy Grace Design and Development of Cloud based Tool for Air Pollution Monitoring and Analysis near Roadways UGC Minor Research Project 2016-2018 (Ongoing) Rs. 240000
Dr.M.S. Geetha Devasena / Mrs. R. Kingsy Grace High Performance Computing using GPU ISRO/Seminar 2015-2016 Rs. 30000
Dr.M.S. Geetha Devasena / Mrs. R. Kingsy Grace GPU Education Center Nvidia 2015-2016 & 2016-2017 Rs. 550000
Dr.M.Sureshkumar Research Directions in Grid Computing (SDP) AICTE / FDP 7 Days 22.06.09 To 26.06.09 Rs. Rs 2,00,000
Dr.A.Grace Selvarani Dr.P.Perumal AICTE Sponsored Two Weeks Faculty Development Programme on Data Science and Its Research Challenges AICTE / FDP 2016-2017 Rs. Rs. 6,65,000
Dr. R. Madhumathi Mrs. M. Karthigha Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) sponsored two days workshop on “Virtual Reality” Seminar Grant 2017 - 2018 Rs. Rs. 40000
Dr. M. S. Geetha Devasena Dr. R. Kingsy Grace Mr.R.Kanagaraj, Mr. V. Krishna Kumar Mr. S. Ranjtih Kumar Mr. A.Bharanidharan Embedded Software Development PRICOL TECHNOLOGIES Rs. 2200000
Dr. R. Madhumathi Mrs.S.Birundha Mr. A.Bharanidharan Monitoring and Analysis of Aeroponics based Farming through Cloud Infrastructure THANYAS ORGANIC PRIVATE LIMITED 2017-2019 Rs. 8,00,000
Dr. J. Selvakumar Mr. R. Kanagaraj Mr. S. Ranjith Kumar Daily Rent E-Commerce CNC CARE 2017-2018 Rs. 50000
Mr. V. Krishna Kumar Mrs.G. Rathi Mrs. S. Devipriya Li-Fi Project SNR SONS TRUST 2017-2018 Rs. 4000
Mr. G. Narendran Mr. R. S. Rajkumar V Store Automation System CRAFTSMAN AUTOMATION PRIVATE LIMITED 2016-2017 Rs. 575000
Mrs. G. Rathi Mr. S. Devipriya E Notice Board SREC 2016-2017 Rs. 11,900
Mr. A.Bharanidharan Dr.M.Sureshkumar Vehicle Monitoring System SNR SONS TRUST 2016-2017 Rs. 50000
Prof. K. Manoharan, Mr. G. Narendran Automated Hostel Management System SNR SONS TRUST 2015-2016 Rs. 100000
Prof. K. Manoharan, Mrs. G. Rathi Vehicle Tracking System SNR SONS TRUST 2015-2016 Rs. 474000
Dr. R. Madhumathi Mrs. M. Karthigha The New Age Of Quantum Crptography SERB 2018-2019 Rs. 50000
Dr. A. Grace Selvarani Dr.P.Mathiyalagan Mr.T.Chithrakumar Dr.S.Harihara Gopalan Recent Trends in Block Chain Technology in Cyber Security DRDO 2018-2019 Rs. 50000
CSI Student Branch CSI Student National Level Convention CSI 2017-2018 Rs. 70000
Dr.A.Grace Selvarani Mr. R.Kanagaraj AICTE Sponsored International Conference on Intelligent Digital Transformation AICTE 2018-2019 Rs. Rs. 2, 66, 667
Dr.R.Madhumathi Development of IOT based system for sensing soil nutrients in the sugarcane Field DST SERB 2019-2022 Rs. 1830000
Dr.A.Grace Selvarani Mr. R.Kanagaraj AICTE Prenana AICTE 2019-2022 Rs. 6,10,167
Dr.P.Karuppusamy Dr.A.Grace Selvarani AICTE IDEA LAB AICTE 2021-2023 Rs. Rs. 1.1 Crore
Dr.R.Anuradha Mrs.G.Rathi Dr.R.M.Krishnappa prof/Physics Premenstrual syndrome’s detection using brain waves and recommending suitable yoga theraphy Tamilnadu State Council For Science And Technology (TNSCST) 2021-2023 Rs. 180000