• Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Research Activities

Computer Science and Engineering (PG) Research Activities

Name Qualification Designation Specialization
Dr.A.Grace Selvarani M.E(CSE) Ph.D Head of the Department Image Processing
Dr. M. S. Geetha Devasena M.E., Ph.D. Professor Software Engineering
Dr.J.Selvakumar M.E(CSE)., Ph.D Professor Software Engineering
Dr. P. Perumal M.E., Ph.D. Professor Data Mining
Dr. B. Mathivanan M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor Image Processing
Dr.P.Mathiyalagan M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor Networking
Dr. R.Madhumathi M.E., Ph.D. Assistant Professor(Sl.Grade) Cloud Computing
Dr.R.Kingsy Grace M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor Grid Computing
Dr. R.Anuradha M.E., Ph.D Associate Professor Data Mining
Dr. R.Vijayakumar M.E., Ph.D. Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade) Computer Networks
Mrs G.Rathi M.E Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade) IOT
Dr.T.Guhan M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade) Data Mining
Dr.S.Harihara Gopalan M.E., Ph.D Associate Professor Cloud Computing , Networking
Mr.R.Kanagaraj M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade) Data Mining
Mr.S. Suresh Kumar M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor(Sr.Grade) Software Engineering
Mrs.M.Karthigha M.E., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor Information and Communication Engineering